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Identify attrition risks and measure engagement. Make data-driven decisions to keep your best performers motivated and committed.

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Identify talent gaps and optimize recruitment. Make informed hiring decisions to bring on the right people for your organization's success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What trends does Arbor show?

Arbor’s analytics give you a complete view of what’s happening in your organization. This includes trends around attrition, hiring, engagement, representation, compensation, learning, and more.

What are some of the questions Arbor can help our team answer?

Arbor enables data-driven decision by helping you answer questions like:

  • Which employee groups are at the highest risk of leaving?

  • Which initiatives are successful in improving employee engagement and productivity?

  • What is the quality of our new hires?

  • Is there a significant gender pay gap?

Does Arbor share insights and recommendations based on the data?

Yes! We believe the power of analytics comes from the insights you draw from the data. Our AI-powered insights help you understand your data with actionable insights and recommendations. Your dedicated Arbor Customer Success Manager will also work with you to ensure you’re getting tailored insights and recommendations for your organization.

Does Arbor offer benchmarking?


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