Talent Analytics

Transform Your Talent Pipeline

Use predictive analytics to forecast hiring needs, identify bottlenecks, and proactively build a strong talent pipeline.

Over 80+ HRIS and ATS integrations:

From Data to Decisions Faster

data normalization

Seamless ATS integration and data normalization

Seamlessly connect your existing ATS with our talent analytics platform in no time. Our AI-powered data normalization fills in the gaps, ensuring you have a complete and accurate picture of your hiring funnel.

talent insights

Comprehensive funnel insights & predictive analytics

Gain unparalleled visibility into your entire hiring funnel, from time to hire to DEI representation to identifying bottlenecks. Our end-to-end approach empowers you to anticipate future needs, optimize your processes, and make informed decisions.


Actionable insights and benchmarks

Use data to drive action with customizable dashboards and comparative benchmarking. Our platform delivers targeted recommendations, enabling you to set realistic targets and make proactive talent decisions with confidence.


Arbor Deep Dives

Examining the role of data, technology, and transparency in effectively managing Generation Z talent in the manufacturing industry post-COVID.

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How Manufacturing Leaders Can Engage a New Generation of Workers

Engaging Gen Z is crucial for manufacturing's future. With unique priorities like work-life balance and purpose, leaders must leverage data, technology, and transparency to attract and retain this generation.

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Collecting meaningful workforce diversity data enables organizations to foster inclusion, meet compliance mandates, and satisfy stakeholder demands... Leaders must balance adherence to data regulations, respect for local norms, and building employee trust.

Arbor Team

Global Self-ID: Best Practices in Data Collection and Analysis

Self-ID is a need-to-have for global organizations looking to stay compliant with changing requirements and to build stronger, more inclusive cultures. Understand the best strategies to help you navigate data privacy regulations, laws, and norms when conducting self-identified data collection projects at a global scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Arbor integrate with my ATS?

Yes! Arbor integrates with 20+ applicant tracking systems. For questions about your specific system, feel free to reach out to our team at hello@findarbor.com.

What talent metrics does Arbor show?

Arbor’s talent analytics gives you a complete view of your hiring process with trends like average time-to-hire, interview volume over time, pass-through rate by department, and more. Your Arbor dashboard can show you these key metrics segmented by department, level, hiring manager, and more, so that you can uncover granular trends.

What’s the difference between Arbor and my own ATS’s analytics?

With many existing systems, talent teams spend hours of manual work creating custom reports and Excel spreadsheets to make sense of their data. With Arbor’s automated dashboards, talent & executive teams have all of their data in one unified place.

Does Arbor share insights and recommendations based on the data?

Yes! Our AI-powered insights help you identify gaps and areas to improve your talent acquisition. Your dedicated Arbor Customer Success Manager will also work with you to ensure you’re getting tailored insights and recommendations for your organization.

Does Arbor offer benchmarking?

Yes! We offer a wide set of industry and job-role benchmarks that help you understand the health of your talent funnel and hiring.