Measure and Improve Engagement

Conduct intuitive, quick engagement surveys to gain a comprehensive view of employee sentiment, performance, and retention risk factors.

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engagement surveys

Effortless feedback, actionable insights

Collect employee feedback with user-friendly, multi-lingual surveys accessible via computer or mobile device. Leverage Arbor’s AI-driven sentiment analysis to quickly process open-ended responses, providing real-time, actionable insights for targeted improvements.

integrated analytics

Engagement analytics linked to business outcomes

Seamlessly integrate engagement data with your comprehensive workforce analytics for a unified view. Understand the critical link between employee engagement and key business outcomes, such as productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.


Benchmark your engagement for continuous improvement

Compare your engagement levels against industry standards and similar organizations to identify areas for growth. Leverage our platform's benchmarking capabilities to set meaningful goals and track progress over time.


Arbor Deep Dives

Examining the role of data, technology, and transparency in effectively managing Generation Z talent in the manufacturing industry post-COVID.

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How Manufacturing Leaders Can Engage a New Generation of Workers

Engaging Gen Z is crucial for manufacturing's future. With unique priorities like work-life balance and purpose, leaders must leverage data, technology, and transparency to attract and retain this generation.

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Collecting meaningful workforce diversity data enables organizations to foster inclusion, meet compliance mandates, and satisfy stakeholder demands... Leaders must balance adherence to data regulations, respect for local norms, and building employee trust.

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Global Self-ID: Best Practices in Data Collection and Analysis

Self-ID is a need-to-have for global organizations looking to stay compliant with changing requirements and to build stronger, more inclusive cultures. Understand the best strategies to help you navigate data privacy regulations, laws, and norms when conducting self-identified data collection projects at a global scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of questions can I ask with the surveys?

Arbor’s engagement surveys are designed to measure all aspects of the employee experience. You can choose from our library of common, effective questions and customize your own. Your dedicated Arbor Success Team will work with you to design your survey to meet your needs.

Does Arbor offer additional languages?

Yes! We can customize your survey to include the languages represented across your workforce.

Can deskless workers take Arbor’s engagement surveys?

Yes! Arbor’s survey is mobile-friendly and can be administered via QR code in addition to email, cell message, and other deskless-friendly options.

Does Arbor share insights and recommendations from the surveys?

Yes! Arbor’s analytics dashboard will show you live insights from your survey, so you can instantly see trends like eNPS by department. Your dedicated Arbor Customer Success Manager will also work with you to uncover key insights and recommendations from your survey results.