Optimize your workforce with predictive analytics.

As a manufacturing leader, take steps to boost productivity, compensation strategies, and employee engagement. Leverage data to stay ahead.

Supercharging Your Manufacturing Workforce


Stay ahead of the curve with Arbor's AI-powered predictive analytics.

Use AI to anticipate potential challenges and opportunities. Make proactive decisions to optimize your workforce and drive productivity.

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Ensure your compensation strategy is fair and competitive with Arbor.

Analyze market trends and benchmark your pay practices. Retain your best talent and attract top performers to your organization.

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Boost employee engagement and productivity with Arbor.

Understand the factors that drive performance. Implement strategies to create a motivated, connected workforce that delivers bottom-line results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What systems can you integrate with?

We have pre-built integrations with over 80 HR systems, including all major HR information systems (HRIS), applicant tracking systems, learning management systems, and more. If we don’t integrate with your system today, we’ll build it. Just reach out to to learn more.

What trends does Arbor show?

Arbor’s analytics give you a complete view of what’s happening in your organization. This includes trends around attrition, hiring, engagement, productivity, learning/upskilling, representation, compensation, and more.

Does Arbor share insights and recommendations based on the data?

Yes! We believe the power of analytics comes from the insights you draw from the data. Our AI-powered insights help you understand your data with actionable insights and recommendations. Your dedicated Arbor Customer Success Manager will also work with you to ensure you’re getting tailored insights and recommendations for your organization.

Can Arbor’s surveys and analytics support my manufacturing workforce?

Yes! Arbor’s employee surveys are mobile/iPad friendly for deskless workers. They can also be customized with additional languages. Arbor’s analytics are also tailored to suit your organization with the proper segmentations by department, location, production leader, and more.

Does Arbor offer industry-specific benchmarking?

Yes! Arbor offers a set of benchmarks specific to manufacturing, so that you can understand how your people outcomes stack up against other relevant companies.

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