Streamline Your Portfolio Reporting

Replace manual, time-consuming reporting with a secure, scalable, and automated solution that provides real-time visibility into your portfolio's performance.

Over 80+ HRIS and ATS integrations:

From Data to Decisions Faster


Simplified ESG and DEI reporting

Easily manage frameworks-aligned, compliant reporting, data collection, and communications. Automate data disclosure with flexible inputs, including surveys, CSV uploads, and HRIS integrations, saving time and effort for your portfolio leaders.


Valuable insights for portfolio company leaders

Uncover portfolio-wide trends and share actionable insights back to portfolio leaders and companies. Maximize portfolio participation by providing meaningful benchmarks and analytics that empower data-driven decision-making.


Contextual benchmarking for meaningful comparisons

Benchmark portfolio outcomes against industry averages and compare performance within your portfolio, cut by geography, sector, size, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio's positioning and identify areas for improvement.


Arbor Deep Dives

Examining the role of data, technology, and transparency in effectively managing Generation Z talent in the manufacturing industry post-COVID.

Arbor Team

How Manufacturing Leaders Can Engage a New Generation of Workers

Engaging Gen Z is crucial for manufacturing's future. With unique priorities like work-life balance and purpose, leaders must leverage data, technology, and transparency to attract and retain this generation.

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Collecting meaningful workforce diversity data enables organizations to foster inclusion, meet compliance mandates, and satisfy stakeholder demands... Leaders must balance adherence to data regulations, respect for local norms, and building employee trust.

Arbor Team

Global Self-ID: Best Practices in Data Collection and Analysis

Self-ID is a need-to-have for global organizations looking to stay compliant with changing requirements and to build stronger, more inclusive cultures. Understand the best strategies to help you navigate data privacy regulations, laws, and norms when conducting self-identified data collection projects at a global scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of portfolios does Arbor work with?

We work with a wide range of funds, including venture capital firms, private equity funds, and fund of funds, across all sector focuses and various types of ownership. We work with portfolios focused on technology, business services, manufacturing, and more.

What kind of metrics does Arbor collect?

Arbor collects a wide range of portfolio metrics, including talent & workforce data, standards-aligned DEI & ESG metrics, and compensation trends. We serve as an extension of your team to collect the metrics that are the highest priority for your firm.

Who uses Arbor?

Whether you sit in investment, talent, investor relations, legal and compliance, or another department, we’re here to help. Arbor’s data collection helps talent teams better support their portfolios, ensure IR teams can answer LP requests, and gives GPs and investors a data-driven view of portfolio talent, DEI/ESG, and more.

Do you work with global portfolios?

Yes, Arbor works with global portfolios. Our system is SOC 2 and GDPR-compliant to ensure compliant data collection processes across all regions. Moreover, our localization features help ensure surveys are relevant and region-appropriate.

Does Arbor offer benchmarking?

Yes! Our investment-specific data set helps you benchmark your portfolio outcomes against industry standards.